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For HUMANOID sustainability is not a choice, but an obvious necessity. 


Founded in 1981, HUMANOID is built on the principle of creating and consuming fashion more consciously. As a brand that has stood the test of time, it’s especially important for us to take responsibility for the future by choosing sustainable and conscious options where possible. 


This goes beyond the use of organic jersey or recycled shipping boxes. We are committed to integrating sustainable and responsible business practices throughout the brand, with the goal of reducing our ecological footprint and maximizing our positive social impact. 


Let’s take responsibility together. 




Every choice we make in the creation of our products is a conscious one, respectful of origin, maker and wearer. We strive to create true luxury that is felt and cherished for years to come. 


HUMANOID strives to make every choice a conscious one, from fabric and yarn selection to the dyes we use. Our aim is to create timeless designs that you will cherish for years to come, clothes that transcend the seasons and stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics and construction. 





At the heart of our sustainable policy are the fabrics we use and the choices we make in using them. We always look for sustainable alternatives such as organic or recycled fabrics and aim to reduce the impact they have on our environment and local communities. 


When choosing our fabrics we focus on a range of sustainability aspects such as the recyclability of blended fabrics and the footprint of natural vs. synthetic fabrics. We choose materials such as organic cotton and tencel, certified linen and certified wool. We are constantly researching and experimenting with new materials such as hemp and bamboo. 





We are proud of the lasting relationships we have with suppliers, which help us to maintain a meaningful and transparent supply chain. We seek partners that are as committed to sustainability as we are, supporting local craftspeople wherever possible. Some of our supplier relationships date back several decades. 


When it comes to larger partners within our supply chain we focus on EU production facilities (about 80% of our production happens inside the EU). These certified partners work in accordance with EU environmental and working conditions legislation and are inspected on a regular basis. Together, we strive for an environmentally and socially responsible supply chain. 


We continue to work with local craftspeople both in the Netherlands (where we source our bags and leather belts) and abroad (for example, in Italy). When working with local craftspeople we aim to create sustainable partnerships that are fair to all involved and have a positive impact on the world. 





Choosing the most sustainable option is important throughout the company and we are continually striving for improvement. From our in-house atelier and offices to our store we make conscious choices as a community to grow more sustainable every day. 


Buying HUMANOID means choosing to belong to a community that cares about the environment. 


We use recycled plastics and boxes for all our packaging and office materials. We are careful not to overproduce, both in terms of designs and promotional materials. Surplus stock is repurposed in collaboration with local craftspeople (for example, in the production of quilted cushions and throws) or by our in-house atelier to create store-exclusive products. 





As a community HUMANOID wants to raise awareness and empower individuals when it comes to making sustainable choices. Let’s take responsibility together. 


A small change with a large impact is reducing the frequency with which you wash your clothes. Fewer washes means less water use and less wear and tear. In fact, natural materials such as wool benefit more from a day of rest then a good wash. Airing wool refreshes fibres and kills the bacteria that might cause unwanted odour.